Homecoming – Walkthrough

Mini-Game Guide

The Rap Battle

Sangeeta will tell you how to win if she likes you enough, but the key to winning is mentioning Mei’s brother in the final line. Mentioning Mei’s parents will cause you to lose.

The Street Race

If Cat likes you enough she will hand you an earpiece which will let you get the right answers from her for the first two choices. If not, the answers are:

First corner – Accelerate into the turn and use your brakes as late as possible

Long straight – Progress up through the gears to reach your top speed

Barrier on the track – shift down to second, apply the handbrake and accelerate

The Fight

If Thesh likes you enough he will mention that Sophia is vulnerable when she does her aerial kick so attack her then. When Sophia attacks, players have a two-second window in which to respond or her attack will connect. Both the MC and Sophie have 10HP to start – below are the scored responses to each of Sophie’s attacks.

Sophia’s snake strike = MC dodges for 0HP lost, blocks for 1HP lost and attacks for 3HP lost (and 1 HP loss for Sophia)

Sophia’s tiger punch = MC dodges for 1HP lost, blocks for 0HP lost and attacks for 3HP lost (and 1 HP loss for Sophia)

Sophia’s eagle kick = MC dodges for 1HP lost, blocks for 1HP lost and attacks for 1HP lost (and 5 HP loss for Sophia)

The Dance Off

Dayton will always explain the dance-off. The trick is to follow the ‘move’ by click on the corresponding arrow buttons at the bottom of the screen.

When the ‘move’ appears the player has 3 seconds to click the first arrow and then a second to hit each following arrow. Each click takes 0.5 seconds to register and move, so the rhythm of the arrow clicks should correspond with the 120bmp music playing.

The Cosplay Competition

If Mr Rubens like you, he will mention a sexy costume will probably guarantee a win and he’s right – you can pick anything for the Asuko costume and it will be a success.

For Wigglytuft, it is not advanced enough to win however well you make it.

If you still want to make it, the ‘ingredient’ order is:

Paper lantern, pom-poms and cotton wool

For Tsukiko, the ‘ingredient’ order is:

Paper plates, cardboard, streamer, paper plates and rubber bands

For Victoria, the ‘ingredient’ order is:

Streamers, paper plates, cardboard, paper plates, cardboard

Romance Guide


Day 1 – Ask about where he’s from or ask if he has a boyfriend (=+1)

Day 1 – After leaving the cafeteria, sit outside then pick “Hey, don’t you talk to him like that!” (=+1)

Day 2 – Head to the cafeteria

Day 2 – “Yes, maybe” (=+1) or “I’m booking the plane tickets the second I graduate” (=+2)

Day 3 – Head to an empty classroom

Day 3 – “Well, that doesn’t mean they’ll always be like that” (=+2) or “Yeah, I’ve been really lucky” (=+1)

Day 3 – Agree to walk home together (=+1)

Day 3 – “You don’t have to tell me if you don’t want to…” (=+1)

Day 4 – Go to the cafeteria with Thesh

Day 4 – “Aww, I never knew you cared” (=+1) and then “Well, I feel pretty lucky to have met you too” or “Stop saying weird things!”

Day 5 – Go hand in your essay

You need more than 5 points to hear his confession

Mr Rubens

Day 1 – Ask where Thesh is from (=+1)

Day 1 – Hang out in the classroom

Day 1 – “Well, you’ve got no need to worry about me” or “I guess some girls just like the idea of dating someone a bit older” (=+1)

Day 2 – Hand in your essay

Day 2 – “That must be awkward” or “And you think that is what I’m doing?” (=+1)

Day 2 – “It’s nice of you to go for your friends” or “Sounds fun” (=+1)

Day 3 – Go to the Gym (=+1)

Day 3 – Agree to a ride home (=+1)

Day 3 – “Yeah, it too me a while to make” (=+2) or “No, I don’t really like costume parties” (=+1)

Day 4 – Go to classroom with Mr Rubens

Day 4 – “Still, I wouldn’t swap Cat and Sangeeta…” or Well, I bet you’d win now, sir” (=+1)

Day 4 – “I think I like him”

Day 5 – Head to your locker

Day 5 – “Why, would you miss me?” and then “I’m not doing this to make things difficult.”

You need more than 5 points to hear his confession


Day 2 – “Welcome Aboard!” or “Okay, but I must warn you…” (=+2)

Day 2 – Head out to the steps

Day 2 – “Steal a car” (=+1) or “Carry me home” (=+2)

Day 3 – Head to your locker

Day 3 – “Don’t be stupid, that was great…” or “Well, I’d rather you didn’t yell at people even if they are being jerks” (=+1)

Day 4 – Go outside with Dayton

Day 4 – “I’m sorry, Dayton, I never realised” or “You’re amazing, you know?” (=+1)

Day 5 – Head outside to meet Dayton

Day 5 – “Dayton…” or “Don’t wake him” (=+1)

You need more than 5 points to hear his confession