Here are another three sprites from the artist, Esther Funworld, for our upcoming game, Heaven’s Grave: Tai the Sun God, Suiza the Water God and Kien the God of Nature.


I’m very happy to announce that the artist, Baradise, has agreed to take on the sprites and CGs for The Rose of Segunda – now this game is fully staffed we are hoping for a Q4 2016 release. Fingers crossed!



We’ve just got some sprite art back from the very talented Esther Funworld. This is Arha, the main character in the game Heaven’s Grave.






Heaven’s Grave has been progressing – the first two chapters are completed now with chapter three on schedule to be completed mid-August.


The writing for Homecoming is finished as was the writing for The Rose of Segunda, before it was decided to add an extra, secret route, which has put the completion date back to mid-August as well.



Okay, so first post (no pressure). We started this site in order to keep track of all the games we have currently in development, post progress updates and one day, *gazes dreamily into the distance*, post links to an actual finished game.


Anyway, thanks for joining us and I hope you enjoy the ride.