Published Games

The Thorns of War

Two years after the events of ‘Rose’, Segunda is on the brink of civil war. 

The disgraced House Stavizzi and the Royal House of Vilquine have been gathered at the city of Garllucio for peace talks in a last ditch attempt to avoid the looming bloodshed. 

Pick up the story as Iolanthe di Parisi and navigate this new world of political intrigue and double-dealing.

The Rose of Segunda

In the kingdom of Segunda, the Crown Prince’s birthday celebrations are traditionally where he is expected to choose a bride. Your mother is very keen for her only daughter to become the next queen, and so sends you to the fortnight long celebrations. Of course, just because your mother has her gaze fixed upon the Prince, does not mean you must follow suit.

Will you act like the perfect lady and convince the King to select you as the Prince’s betrothed, or show your true colours and perhaps catch another’s eye?

Heaven’s Grave

Arha lives a simple life as a shrine maiden at a long-forgotten temple, finding joy in her worship, tending her small garden and occasional trips to the nearby village.

Then, one day, the sun does not rise…

Accompany three fallen deities on a journey across a dying world, where hope is all man has left. 

Homecoming – Stop at Nothing!

Bryony Brice is an Ordinary High School Girl in her Senior year at Halifax High. That is until tragedy strikes and she is left with only a week to become Homecoming Queen. 

But that doesn’t mean the Halifax Honeys, the school’s most popular clique, are going to make it easy for her.

With the help of her best friends, Cat and Sangeeta, can Bryony defeat her rivals and take the crown? And possibly find a boyfriend along the way?

Embark on a tale of popularity and epic battles, where only the strong survive!

The Devil and the Deep Blue Sea

Maddie is looking forward to spending the summer before she begins college working as crew on the luxury cruise ship M.S. Andromache. So what if its maiden voyage is to retrace the route of its ill-fated sister ship, the S.S. Cassandra, which disappeared inside the perilous Bermuda Triangle almost 100 years before?

But when things aboard ship start to go awry, Maddie soon realises she’ll have more to deal with than demanding passengers and annoying co-workers. Could she be the key to changing events set in motion almost a century ago, or will the mystery of the Devil’s Triangle claim her too?