The Thorns of War – Bastien

Player guidance for Bastien’s route

Due to the branching nature of the route and the way it is points based, writing a full choice guide would be too restrictive, since there is more than one way to win. But for anyone who would like some help, I’ve complied the following guidance on how to get any of the endings.

Please be aware that this guide contains spoilers.

Bastien romance tips

If you want to romance Bastien, then showing that you are investing in the relationship is important. Losing your temper when he is being thoughtless or defeatist is fine (as is being understanding), but acting as though you have already given up on the relationship should be avoided. Show your support for his successes and do not shout at him if he is genuinely trying.

There will come a point where Bastien will ask if you wish to continue the relationship. Choosing “I am not giving up on you, Bastien” will lock you into the relationship, closing off Pieto’s route. Choosing “I don’t know” will still allow you to romance Bastien, but also allow you to pursue Pieto (or spend your time platonically with Frederique). If your relationship points with Bastien are below a certain number, the game defaults to the ‘I don’t know” route, because it is Bastien who is unsure of the relationship.

If you still wish to continue romancing Bastien at this point, be kind and, when given the choice, opt to spend time with him.

If you wish to romance Pieto then, when given the choice, opt to spend time with him. Show an interest in Leipzel and the work you are doing there in Garllucio. You do not have to always agree with him, merely be invested. Be touched by and receptive to the interest he shows you.”

If you are Lecherous, do not flirt with Michel – it will end the romance.

Similarly, reminding him you are ‘a married woman’ or choosing the option “I have weathered many a scandal myself…” during the Du Marchont sub-plot will also end things between you, as will you telling him “Bastien and I have had our troubles, but we are working through them” during the church scene.

Game Guide

The route is points based. You begin with 30 points and you need 55 or more for a good ending, and 30 or more for middling ending (this is non-dependent on romances). Any less and you will get a bad ending.

Things you do can increase or reduce your points. Below is a rundown or where points can be earned or lost over the three main sub-plots.

Du Marchont

During the search of Castelli’s rooms, keep looking to find the letter. Then, when you confront Du Marchont, choose “Not so fast – that was not all we found”

Choosing “Your support” will end the route will 0 points.

During the confrontation that follows showing Du Marchont the letter:

Side with Du Marchont = +10 points

Side with Castelli = +15 points

Speak to Bastien/Pieto/Frederique = +25 points

If you side with Duke Stavizzi


+ If not Cunning or Diplomatic, investigating Charise = -2 points. Otherwise, if not Roguish or Lecherous, letting Frederique investigate Charise = -2 points

+ Telling Charlotte that Francesca is spreading rumours about Viscountess Charise = -2 points

+ When at the ball, telling Stavizzi “Well, I am sure you know your own mind” = -3 points

+ When at the ball, telling Stavizzi “You would rather your rivals receive help?” = +5 points

+ If you attend Charise’s gaming party, telling De Burgh “I would like Charise to be indebted to me” =-3 points

+ Confronting Charise early without extra proof =-5 points

During your gaming party, Frederique will ask if you plan to confront Charise alone or in front of the Viscount.

If Charise is alone:

Confront Charise = +20 points

If Charise if with the Viscount:

+ Blackmailing the Viscount = -10 points

+ Forgive the debt = +20 points (with +5 points if you know that count De Souza knows – available if you break into De Douza’s office or send your brother to find evidence then pay Complin for the promissory note)

If you side with Prince Guillaume…


+ If not Lecherous, investigating Garou = -2 points. Otherwise, if not Roughish or Lecherous, letting Frederique investigate Garou = -2 points

+Pressure Sofia = -2 points

+ When at the ball, telling Guillaume “If our House’s offers of aid displease your Highness” and then say:

“Then renege on the deal” = -2 points

“His Majesty will understand because he is King” = +5 points

+ If you choose to look at the Council records and then “Hide under the table” = -2 points

+ If you choose to look at the Council records and then “I wished to see the site of the King’s triumph” = -2 points

+ Confronting Garou early without proof = -5 points

To confront Garou you must know about the silver. This can be achieved by:

Asking Sofia (only works if you did not pressure her, or if you have the Diplomatic trait)

Visiting the Silversmiths’ Guild (only works if you have Guild Knowledge, Scholarly, or Commanding)

Pretending to know about the silver (only works if you have Cunning or Bluff. +20 points and you skip the step below )

Or you can tell LaFouch and she can investigate the matter without you. (+10 points and you skip the step below)

+ If you manage to get evidence the silver has been tampered with:

Expose House Garou before the Council = +15 points

Blackmail House Garou into changing allegiance = +20 points

Tell Duke Stavizzi about the fraud = +25 points