The Thorns of War – Guillaume

Player Guidance for Guillaume’s Route

Due to the branching nature of the route and the way it is points based, writing a full choice guide would be too restrictive, since there is more than one way to win. But for anyone who would like some help, I’ve complied the following guidance on how to get any of the endings.

Please be aware that this guide contains spoilers.

Guillaume Romance tips

Romancing Guillaume is all about picking your battles.

The romance is tied intrinsically to the plot concerning the peace talks, and it is quite difficult to talk about one without talking about the other.

The game plot (and thereby the romance with Guillaume) can go one of four (or five) ways.

+ Guillaume loves you and he wishes to take the throne

+ Guillaume loves you and he wishes for Auguste to take the throne

+ Guillaume no longer loves you, but he still wishes to take the throne

+ Guillaume no longer loves you and he wishes for August to take the throne

(There is also a fifth option offered on the latter three routes where you can betray Guillaume to side with his enemies.)

These four sub-routes are affected by two stats – how much Guillaume loves you (Romance Stat), and how much you pressure you have put on him to take the throne (Throne Stat).

When the game begins, Guillaume is staunchly supporting his father in Auguste’s bid to retake the throne.

For Guillaume to agree to take the throne, you need to encourage Guillaume to make decisions for himself and point out his Father’s many flaws to raise the Throne Stat (and, conversely, doing the opposite and supporting Auguste will bolster Guillaume’s adulation of his Father).

But Guillaume loves his father, so pointing out what a nightmare Auguste is lowers your Romance Stat.

So the ideal is to strike a balance between the two. Not every conversation involves discussion of Auguste and the throne, and there are plenty of occasions where you can be supportive of Guillaume. You do not need to accept Guillaume’s temper, but picking fights and needling him will lower his Romance Stat.

And, of course, the game is points based, so there is always room to role-play.

Game tips

The route is points based, but involves trying to win the support House Rouaine to earn a large number of bonus points. Options marked with R are specific to earning the Rouaine’s favour. The game can be split into four ‘Normal’ routes, and one ‘Betrayal’ route.

Normal routes


When talking with Baron Livée:

Be sympathetic = +1 point

Close the meeting = +1 point

When deciding what to do:

Ask Artes to return the lands = +5 points (R1)

-then fail to beg Auguste to let the Livée keep the lands) = -5 points (-R1)

-shout at the Rouaine when they complain = -2 points

Ask the Fouchon about the lands* = +5 points (R2)

-during the hearing, avoid placing the blame on Auguste or you will be banished

*if you allow Guillaume to decide, he will pick this option


When the letter arrives from Argenate, you can –

Send the verdict on to the Barassi = +5 points (R1)

Investigate the perfumeries*

If investigating the perfumeries, on your visit to Frielle:

Choose “You are not the only perfumery refused” to continue the investigation

Other options can lead to failing the investigation = +5 points (R1)

If continuing the investigation:

Seek more evidence from Gurland**:

– Fail to get intel from Gurland = +5 points (R1)

– Gain evidence from Gurland = +10 points (R2)

Seek to expose him:

– Fail to trick Du Varlet* = +5 points (R1)

– Trick Du Varlet, but fail the meeting*** = +5 points (R1)

– Trick Du Varlet (when Auguste in line for throne) = +5 points (R2)

– Trick Du Varlet (when Guillaume in line for throne) = +10 points (R2)

* Speaking to Du Varlet leads to learning more about the situation before you have to decide again whether to forward the verdict on or investigate the perfumeries, but if you mention the Barassi to Du Varlet, you can no longer choose the ‘Trick’ option. Also, telling Du Varlet that Guillaume wrote to Argenate when Auguste hates you will get you banished.

**(required stats are Bluff, Roguish or Cunning, then Accountancy or Intelligence, then Commanding, Mercenary knowledge, Strong or Fencing)

***you fail if Auguste is in line for the throne and does not like you


When speaking to the Tavere:

Auguste’s reputation is too severe = +2 points

It is for Charity = +1 point

A mistake has been made = -2 points

If you implied Valérian is in danger:

Do not summon Eugénie = -10 points (R0)

Summon Lady Eugénie. At the meeting-

– be angry and have no allies = 0 points (R0)

– be kind if you have no allies = +5 points (R2)

– speak to your allies = +10 points (R2)

If you implied her secret is in danger:

Spread the gossip about court = 0 points (R0)

Ask Cauldier to send a letter. At the eventual meeting-

– be angry and have no allies = 0 points (R0)

– be kind and have no allies = +5 points (R2)

– speak to your allies= +10 points (R2)

Isoni and Foltaine

During the theatre meeting:

Threaten to leave when insulted = +2 points

Ask them to explain = +1 point

Become angry = -2 points

Ask the Baroness not to force him = -1 points

Later, with Guillaume:

Side with either House (either at the first opportunity or later) = +5 points

Side with either House (from the first opportunity and be friends with Mariette) = +10 points

Or express a desire to help both to continue the plot.

If continued:

Side with the Foltaine but secure compensation for the Isoni = +15

Side with the Isoni but secure a new match for the Foltaine = +15

De Souza

After your discussion with De Souza:

If you lied, you will expose De Souza to either Auguste or Guillaume depending on the route.

If you told the truth…

Speak to the Shipwrights:

– allow them to kill Renoit

– disgrace Viscountess Alloutti (needs Bluff)

– trick Viscountess Alloutti (needs Guilds Knowledge)

Speak to Viscountess Alloutti*

Helping De Souza in any way earns his alliance. This can be used to secure Guillaume as head of the Vilquine or learn of your impending divorce.

*Only available on the route where Guillaume loves you and is aiming for the throne.

Betrayal Route

As above, but some later game mission change their focus and completing tasks for the important House no longer matters. Instead, you must provide a way to disgrace the Vilquine.


If you have not forwarded on the letter from Barassi already you can continue to investigate the perfumeries as usual.

Failing earns you nothing, but if you gain evidence from Gurland or manage to trick Du Varlet into a meeting, you can use this to disgrace Du Varlet.

De Souza

Agreeing to end the investigation provides ends the subplot.

Trying to trick the Shipwrights without doing any investigation requires the Bluff skill, otherwise more intelligence must be gathered before confronting them, or the subplot will end in failure.

Tricking the Shipwrights’ Guild into working with you allows you to disgrace De Souza


After Cauldier’s visit:

That is ingenious = Valerian’s hearing will continue as planned and disgrace Cauldier

I have to stop him = Valerian can be convinced not to testify*

*This will lead to failing to route if you have not disgraced either Du Varlet or De Souza.