The Thorns of War – Sofia

Player guidance for Sofia’s route

Due to the branching nature of the route and the way it is points based, writing a full choice guide would be too restrictive, since there is more than one way to win. But for anyone who would like some help, I’ve complied the following guidance on how to get any of the endings.

Please be aware that this guide contains spoilers.

Sofia romance tips

If you want to be with Sofia at the end of the game then do not lie to Sofia. Or if you do lie to Sofia, make sure you are very understanding with her whenever any issues crop up.

As a general rule, smaller lies will have fewer/no consequences depending on how you’ve been treating her and your situation in general.

If small (or even more serious lies) come to light, Sofia is going to take it a lot better if you’ve been kind and understanding, rather than if you’ve been needling her about things.

Game tips

The game is points based. You begin with 30 points and you need 80 or more for a good ending, and 50 or more for a middling ending (either with or without Sofia in both cases). Any less and you will get a bad ending.

Things you do can increase or reduce your points. Below is a rundown of where points can be earned or lost over the 4 main sub-plots.

Du Jardine

+ Confront Du Jardine = 0 points

+ Expose Du Jardine = +25 points

+ Help Du Jardine (foreign court) = +10 points

+ Help Du Jardine (blackmail) = +15 points

+ Help Du Jardine (husband) = +25 points

Du Contti

+ If you mention De Burgh first started the rumour = -3 points

+ If not Roguish or Lecherous, investigating the Brewers’ District = -3 points

+ If dealing with Leopold, mentioning eloping = -3 points

+ Confront Du Contti = 0 points

+ Confront Du Contti’s wife = +15

You can leave the investigation at this point or continue. If you continue, the options presented are as follows:

+ Accept Du Contti’s terms = +10 points

+ Say the family will be fine = +25 points

+Say the family will be ruined and then ‘ask if she is sure’ for 0 points or ‘ask about her’ for +30 points.


If you wish to open Francesca’s route you must avoid being rude to her in the first two encounters.

+ In the first conversation at the embassy ball, do not choose “Well, I am hardly surprised you are familiar with the subject…”

+ In the second conversation at Du Marchont’s party, do not choose “‘Lost the Prince?’ Your husband is not a handkerchief or a game of cards!”

+ Being extra mean to Francesca’s rival = -2 points

+ Depending on your treatment of Lady Mariette, you will either automatically attend Francesca on day 13 or be given the choice. If presented with a choice, pick “Can I tell Francesca? She has a right to know.”

At the hearing, your options are:

+ Tell the truth = +10 points

+ Lie = +20 points

The Guilds

+ Quiting the investigations or continuing it will give you +10 in both cases, but if you then investigate Rainier and then contact the guards, you will lose 10 points. Contacting Duke Stavizzi instead will give you an extra +10 points


+ Regarding you Mother’s demands, separation = +5, while remaining together = -10